The Computational Imaging Lab at UC Berkeley develops new methods for designing imaging systems jointly in terms of hardware and software. This new generation of cameras integrates computers as a part of the imaging system, whereby the optical setup and post‐processing algorithms are designed simultaneously. For example, one can capture intentionally out‐of‐focus images and digitally refocus them, stitch multiple low-resolution images into a high-resolution one or recover 3D information from 2D images by digital holography. Specifically, we focus on imaging and computational methods using wave-optical effects (e.g. phase, diffraction, nonlinearity).

Our research is inherently interdisciplinary, drawing from expertise in optics, signal processing and computer science, with broad applications in bioimaging, defense, physical science and industrial inspection. We work with both optical microscopes, cameras and X-ray imaging systems. Please see our research page for more information or watch an overview video here.

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