Fun optics-related photos.

Hold up a labeless CD to the room lights to see a ring of rainbow colors.

Coat a piece of glass in Rain-X and spray water on top to create a water lenslet array.

Looking at a flashlight through a 2D diffraction grating.

Looking at a toy through the bottom of a glass. Each blob shows a perspective view.

This is the beautiful pattern  of light created by a glass of water in front of a projector beam.

Notice the rainbows!

Those aren’t my house keys!! They’re holograms (made by J. Lee).

Diffraction of light is a lot like the wake of water behind a moving boat.

Mmm, light juice, 0 calories.

Light painting—creating designs by moving the camera mid-exposure is an art form.  Just try to deconvolve this!

Also, check out Justin’s space camera website, where they took pictures of space for under $200.